The quality of our services is our differentiator

We integrate and automate your business processes, and provide you with tools that will allow you to analyze the performance of your business anytime.

The services offered by GCG are aimed at establishing a long-term relationship and a quick return on investment. That is why we offer different types of services before, during, and after the implementation of a project through an experienced team of consultants focused on different areas.

Implementation methodology


We have a team of consultants who participate in the presale stage and are responsible for carrying out the implementation of the solution. Not only do they have an excellent service attitude, but they also understand the importance of complying with the activities of the work plan on time. Once the implementation is complete, we continue to support our customers through different optional services to ensures that the solution is stable and operating efficiently.

GCG is a Microsoft Gold Partner and since our foundation in 1985, we have focused on marketing and implementing business solutions. This guarantees that GCG consultants have the highest levels of certification, knowledge, and experience to implement the applications we offer in the shortest time and lowest cost possible. Our world-class consulting team includes specialists in various industries and know how to guide and advise companies wishing to operate with a new ERP and/or CRM.

The main services we offer include:

  • Project management

    Our Project Managers are a key component of the success of any of the projects where we participate. They are responsible for planning and monitoring the different phases and tasks that are executed throughout the entire implementation process.

  • Release

    In every project we participate in, we offer on-site support and advice to our customers. We normally offer it for a month so that we can ensure that all closing processes are executed correctly. This allows users to adopt the system and ensures that they get a good experience during the first weeks of operation.

  • Implementation

    Embraces different consulting services that include installation, training, analysis, design, construction, operation, and release of the project. Our support is backed by the Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step methodology described below

  • Training and installation

    Training is very important to us. We develop a detailed training plan that includes sites, dates, times, and attendees for each session. Once we deliver the training sessions, we install the applications that are going to be used so that our customers can practice what they have learned during the training sessions.


A critical component to the success of an ERP or CRM implementation involves drawing up a detailed plan and ensuring good execution. For the same reason, the use of a proven methodology tool becomes a key factor.

We identify the main requirements of the project and define the scope

This is the initial phase of the project. During this stage, we study the way the business operates through interviews with directors and key users. The objective is to get acquainted with the main business processes and validate that the solution we offer is adequate to cover the main information requirements. If so, we create and present a prototype so that there is a clear vision of the components that will make up the integral solution. In turn, we generate a solution proposal that details the scope of the project and an estimated cost of the licenses and services that will be required